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Composed of a network connection of over 400 certified, legal nurse consultants with a variety of case studies, as well as multifaceted backgrounds in distinct medical arenas - our nurse consultants are ready and equipped to provide reliable work and transparency. Taking into account the complexities of medical jargon, countless forms and procedures, our extensively trained consultants are ready to swiftly convey straightforward clarity in every report.


Whether it's screening or investigating cases for merit, analyzing medical records, interpreting medical language in legal documents, or qualifying estimates for costs associated with medical care - our nurse consultants proudly help each client maximize results with over 30 services available.


Our team of trusted professionals serve as niche, yet vital sources for a multitude of legal cases that range anywhere from medical malpractice, personal injury, workers’ compensation, long-term care litigation/elder law and more. Outside of the legal realm, N.I.A.H. Consultants are also able to assist for sectors such as insurance companies, healthcare facilities, government agencies, forensic organizations, businesses and beyond.


Aside from having garnered a deep sense of the intricacies involved in medical practices, our team also maintains exemplary character traits so that each client knows they are in trusted hands. While exhibiting strong work ethic, detailed organization and above all else, integrity, our team aims to provide information as we see it.


Bonded by an unwavering dedication to bringing concise expertise and the utmost confidence to its clients, N.I.A.H. Consultants deliver substantial value to any case. Aptly named N.I.A.H. - an acronym that stands for “Needle In A Haystack”, our passionate team of professional nurses apply their vast knowledge to seek key medical and procedural information that may oftentimes seem buried amongst endless paperwork. Not only are our highly experienced network of nurses capable of successfully assessing vital facts, they also provide clients with a clear and thoroughly comprehensive view of their findings. We believe our clients deserve the most up-to-date, factual intel - and nothing less.



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”She was not paid enough.”

Attorney for the Defense, stated to the Plaintiff's Attorney

Blaylock v. Floyd Medical Center

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