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N.I.A.H. Consultants is proudly founded by Pamela Hayes, a seasoned and immensely skilled registered nurse of over 30 years. Having been privy to a wide spectrum of medical spaces within her nursing field including - critical care, nursing homes, emergency rooms, recovery rooms and intensive care units - Pamela has amassed an immeasurable amount of knowledge. In terms of therapies, she is well versed in postoperative and preoperative procedures, as well as a broad range of stabilizing medications used by patients. Pamela is proficiently able to read and understand accident reports, can easily maneuver through all electronic documentation/forms/tabs, and has a knowledgeable view of the standards of care within a hospital setting. She has applied her expertise in managing a multitude of illnesses, and up until recently, during the most challenging and unrelenting times in hospital care - she has and continues to serve on the frontlines during the COVID19 crisis.


It is due to her vigor, savviness, and love of serving those who need it, that she is able to broaden her vision by spearheading N.I.A.H. Consultants. With both her insight and passion to deliver clarified results, Pamela is at the forefront of leading an exceptional team of experts in the nursing field.

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